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June, 2007

Dear Mrs. Williams,
I want to thank you for your time and expertise with my daughter Amberlyn. I am certain that she is doing so well in school because of the excellent foundation you gave her. Your programs, ArbeZ ZebrA Teaches A to Z and Handwriting Begins with Art, do a fantastic job of teaching young children to read and preparing them to face the challenges of the classroom. Amberlyn loves to learn, her reading abilities far exceed her peers and she is confident in herself. I am pleased that she is doing so well and I give you much of the credit for her success.

Thank you very much.

Dart Rhoades, San Diego, CA
Proud Mom of Amberlyn, age 5


  September 28, 1994

Dear Mrs. Williams,

Seeing the smile on Christopher's face and the enthusiasm in his voice this week, my husband and I realize that we have been remiss in letting you know what a blessing you are.

Last year God impressed on my heart that Christopher was to be in your class. He had had a problem with dysfluency and we received two separate opinions that he needed speech therapy. My husband and I committed to prayer and to hold off on the therapists.

Then you started doing your "thing." You marched and danced around the room as you taught phonics. You got down at the children's level and you committed to making their preschool experience a happy place where the kids had a great time and as a byproduct...they were even learning. You helped motivate Christopher, and his classmates, to desire knowledge. By Christmas break Christopher was no longer stuttering and friends and family made note that he was much more confident.

When I was little my mom taught me the following poem:

              Great minds discuss ideas

                  Average minds discuss things

                Small minds discuss people

This Monday, Christopher returned from your kindergarten class eager to get started on a few pages of work papers in his backpack. As he excitedly and independently completed his homework, he explained the following to me: "You can't make a word with KA. Even if it sounds like a word, like cat or cab, you always have to use CA: KA does not start the word."  I never knew that!

Mrs. Williams, I remembered the poem my mom taught me. Christopher was discussing an idea! Thank you for loving him enough that you desire that he be the most that he can be through CHRIST Who strengthens him.

Blessed through you,

Lee for the Tarte Family

Poway, CA

(Christopher graduated from high school in 2007)


Kindergarten Students grow up fast. Some of mine graduated from High School in 2007!


  June 11, 2005

To Whom it May Concern:

I just want to let you know that Mrs. Williams is the only reason my son, Joshua, is reading. He was adopted from Russia, had no schooling prior to her class, and spoke approximately 20 words of English. Mrs. Williams invested an enormous amount of her personal time in ensuring that Joshua would learn to read. At one point, I thought he would need to retake first grade again. By the end of the first grade, he was reading on his own and has been a top reader in all of his classes ever since. He enjoys reading, thanks to Mrs. Williams.


Cindy Vickers

San Diego, CA


June 9, 2005

Please accept this letter as a reference for Mrs. Lynette Williams, who has been our son Brandon's 1st grade teacher for the past year.


When Brandon first went into Mrs. Williams' class he lacked some basic skills that most children have going into a private school for the first time. He was showing a lot of immaturity and little interest in schoolwork. Brandon is a very intelligent boy and had been able to manipulate his past teachers into believing he is incapable of performing the tasks given to him. Mrs. Williams, with all her years of experience, understood how Brandon was and started to apply easy learning techniques that he could follow. She made them fun and throughout the year he has progressed and matured and now looks forward to school.


Mrs. Williams is a blessed and dedicated teacher. I personally have witnessed her do some amazing things with the kids she teaches and can assure you that she has only their best interests in mind.

As I close I would like to leave you with this last note. Brandon took a comprehensive test at another private school to see how and where he would be placed in second grade and the results were incredible. He was reading at a 3rd grade level and doing some 3rd grade math! This is truly a credit to his teacher Mrs. Williams and her teaching abilities.


Yours Sincerely,

Adam and Carmen Williams

Alpine,  CA


June 5, 2005

I volunteered every day with Mrs. Williams in her classroom when my son was in her class. I’ve even gone back through the years to volunteer from time to time just to see how the kids are excelling in her class. Each time I come to visit and help, I am so amazed with how each individual child is doing. I was so impressed with the way she encouraged the children to want to learn and to do their best. I saw the dedication and determination of her work. My son worked his way up to the reading level of a 3rd grader in her kindergarten class.



Sheryl L. McDaniel

(whose son graduated from high school in 2007


June 6, 1995

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of highest recommendation for Mrs. Lynette Williams. Mrs. Williams has been our daughter's teacher for the past two years. As parents, we couldn't have asked for a more dedicated and professional teacher for our daughter. Mrs. Williams' teaching skills are excellent, particularly her emphasis on reading, math and language arts. She espouses the ability to draw all children to their highest potential, as well as instilling a great interest and desire in them to learn.  She possesses a great wealth of knowledge and teaching ability, which has proven to us, first hand, that she is an outstanding teaching professional. Perhaps the greatest form of recommendation I could offer is that, if it were possible, I would enroll our daughter for a third year to be taught by her.


Robert M. Lombardi

(whose daughter graduated from high school in 2007)