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Preschool Reading and Writing Leads to

Higher Levels of Kindergarten Reading and Writing Skills


Joshua read Summer of the Sea Serpent when he was in kindergarten

Joshua sitting on T-stool.
Sitting on a T-Stool helps Josh become a neater writer.


Three-Year Old Children Using ArbeZ ZebrA and Handwriting Begins with Art



David copies ArbeZ' alphabet.

David colors an igloo from the A to Z coloring pages of Handwriting Begins with Art.

Thirty-nine month old David spells B-A-T as

each sound is pronounced for him.


Three year old boys work on page 14 of

Handwriting Begins with Art. They are experienced "cuter cutters" since they work on these skills daily.

David colored, cut out and pasted an egg, from Handwriting.

"Jacob, this is P," said David.

The boy's ages in this photo are

37 and 39 months.

Jacob and David cut out strips to

make their chains longer.

Jacob puts glue on his paper chain link.

Working for a few days produces chains

three times a child's height.

Three year-olds cutting and pasting

a page from Handwrting Begins with Art.

David glues down the egg seen in the photo above.
Three year old hands coloring a page from Handwriting Begins with Art

Three year old Eli colors up and down

inside the lines.

Three year old cuts out

Kettle from Handwriting.

Amberlyn then and now.

See her mom's letter on the testimonials page.

Three year old (actual age, 39 months) with

advanced fine motor skills.

Three year old with

normal fine motor skills.

Three year olds with delayed motor skills can

still do their own cutting.

Three year old creativity.

Three year olds can get

carried away with cutting!

Even two-year olds can place letters

on an alphabet board.