The BEST reading instruction available

Teach someone to read WELL


    ArbeZ ZebrA



ArbeZ' Teaching Manual was written for Parents,


Day Care Providers,

Preschool Teachers,

Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers or

anyone who wants to teach a child to read.



It provides easy to incorporate ideas and activities to help children

GAIN everything they need to know to enter kindergarten with

well established skills in reading, writing and spelling.








Volume Two, The Manual for   

ArbeZ ZebrA

is a Parent / Teacher Guide based upon principles developed by

Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham


  The activities in this Teaching Guide develop necessary skills:

  • Phonemic Awareness through explicit teaching of sound-symbol associations, in logical sequence, with multi-sensory Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic & Tactile Skills
  • the ability to spell short - vowel words by segmenting them into individual sounds
  • correct mouth formations to assist with development of correct vocalization
  • sentence building using word cards and subject / verb / phrase sentence strips
  • correct  pencil grip for proper formation of letters: straight to C-based, to diagonals 
  • ability to make changes to short vowel words using magnetic letter manipulatives
  • various learning styles are accommodated through multi-sensory activities
  • knowledge that sentences contain a subject & verb: sentence building practice
  • ability to create & read sentences within a short time after beginning these lessons
  • letter-sound correspondence is developed through unique pictures and jingles
  • spelling abilities develop as preschoolers learn to blend & spell short vowel words
  • teaches the long vowel trick: fast learners can progress to long vowels before kgn
  • basic  math  skills are developed: recognition, value and counting of 1-10
  • math TRIANGLES are included so math families can be posted on a board
  • shows GOALS in bold italics  to clearly state the objectives of this system

 Adding Handwriting Begins with Art  

provides you with a mini-preschool program that:

  • stresses the link between motor skills and reading readiness
  • develops fine motor skills with crayon, pencil, scissors and pasting activities
  • teaches correct letter formation & provides various types of practice pages
  • helps prepare eyes to track left to right & develop the eye control needed to read
  • Children learn SOUNDS as you read ArbeZ each day. They don't just learn one letter a day.
  • As they memorize jingles that include letter sounds,  they’re ready to begin to learn how to blend these sounds into words.
  • They practice putting the ABCs in order as you read ArbeZ to them.
  • You prepare magnetic alphabet boards to help them  learn where to place plastic letters as they segment each word into its phonemes, i.e., individual sounds.
  • Magnetic letters you purchase elsewhere become the “building blocks” of words.
  • Use magnetic letters as long as necessary.
  • Switch to Volume Three’s word cards and phrases as soon as possible.
  • The Manual (Volume Two) has ideas for word and sentence building.
  • As children learn to read and build sentences using  the word cards, they switch to Volume 3's sentence phrases, which they put together to create silly sentences.
  • Sentences are dictated for children to build with word cards or write on primary paper. They write and illustrate original stories.


  • Reading short-vowel-only books is an easy task once children are able  to build and read sentences using manipulatives.
  • As they learn sounds, children develop large and   fine  motor skills, including learning to correctly form  letters, from straight to curved to diagonal.
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