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 Handwriting Begins with Art



A 166 Page Jumbo Book of Blackline Masters for Pre-Ks and Kindergartners

Children learn correct letter formation while developing critical Fine Motor Skills

using crayons, colored pencils, scissors and glue.


Handwriting books can be found everywhere

But THIS one has lessons quite rare!

Forming letters inside circles and squares

Helps children write with more care!



Handwriting books abound

but none develop fine motor skills better within young children.



Fine Motor Skills must be developed

before preschoolers can be

expected to learn to write their letters.

These blackline masters have

abundant pages to develop

small muscles as children learn       

to correctly form  their letters.

A 166 page Jumbo Book,

printed on one side only,

for homeschool use,

available for only  $19.99




        Fine motor skills help train eyes to take control.




Before children are ready to learn to read, their eyes must:

  • be able to track left to right
  • be able to stare at words without jumping
  • send messages to the brain that help it make sense of words. 

This curriculum:

  • Builds fine motor skills
  • Trains eyes to lead hands
  • Develops left to right tracking
  • Teaches correct letter formation
  • Begins with shapes and capital letters
  • Teaches the easiest, straight letters first
  • Follows with circular and diagonal letters
  • Includes  numbers,  heart,  star  and  cube
  • Proceeds  to  lower case letters at the end
  • Is  designed  to make it fun to learn to write
  • Integrates art, music, movement and writing
  • Diverse worksheets included for letter practice
  • Children begin  to learn how to follow  directions
  • Teachers can choose which lesson to use each day
  • Builds a strong foundation of visual - motor skills for academics
  • Simple pictures provide ample coloring practice at the pre-K level
  • There is NO  "RIGHT"  WAY to teach everyone to write, therefore:
  • Several types of practice pages are included in this curriculum






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