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The BEST reading instruction available


Teach someone to read WELL


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Three year olds learn to spell.

Magnetic letters must be purchased separately.

An Odd Ode to

Arouse Your Interest

ArbeZ ZebrA is headed your way,

Teaching kids to read every day.

He makes sure they know their sounds,

Helping build words to move around.

I'll send him to YOU if I may!

He wants kids to learn to speak well

To be able to Show and Tell.

He teaches them how to form letters,

Eyes boss hands to help them write better.

And ArbeZ will teach kids to SPELL!


He builds muscles, both large and small,

To prepare for Kindergarten some Fall.

With ArbeZ as a preschool friend,

Genius is exposed again and again,

While everyone has quite the BALL!

God Bless America,

land that we love.

Stand beside her

and GUIDE her

Through the night with the

LIGHT from above.

From the mountains,

to the prairies,

To the ocean white with foam.

GOD Bless America,


Thank you, Irving Berlin.

Lynette GAIN Williams

California Education Specialist Credential

BS Special Education, Northern Illinois University, 1966

MA Education, United States International University, 1988 

Graduate of Chicago City Schools, Harper High, 1962

  • Pioneers in Special Education, in the 1960s, created materials to help  special needs students succeed. School supply stores didn't exist then.   
  • As I began to create curriculum, my job became my hobby. How blessed can one be?
  • Teachers and parents who used my materials urged me to publish them.
  • My first printed materials are at the preschool / pre-K level.
  • These books are sold AT A PRICE CLOSE TO MY PRINTING COSTS.
  • Higher level books will soon be available as downloads. Inquire               

ArbeZ ZebrA Teaches A to Z

was developed to help kindergarten students

who had difficulty learning their sounds.

"Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it to me."

Matthew 25:40

  • ArbeZ is available for $39.99, in three volumes.
  • Volume One is a colorful ABC picture book, teaching letter names AND sounds.
  • Volume Two is a Teaching Manual emphasizing multi-sensory skills.
  • Volume Three's Manipulatives teach word blending and sentence building.


Handwriting Begins with Art

a book of black-line masters to complete a preschool program.

  • Abundant, simple coloring pages make it easier to build figure ground skills.
  • Coloring, cutting and pasting daily develops muscles in tiny hands. 
  • Fine motor skills are developed, a critical part of Kindergarten readiness.
  • Poor letter formation is extremely difficult to overcome.

  • Correct formation MUST be taught and practiced under supervision.

  • This Jumbo 166 book is available for $19.99, a bargain for its size.

  • When purchased with 3 Volume ArbeZ, the cost is $15.99





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